Subject :# 14214 Narrativa Inglesa desde el siglo XVIII Grupo C

Student´s name: Trigueros Sifre, Gonzalo

Title of the paper: Looking forward Shuddering

Author or topic: M.R.PETIT

Abstract: Before I talk about the hypertext, I would like to make a brief introduction. The hypertext I have read is “The Grimm Tale”, by M.R.Petit.
It is an interpretation of a tale by the Brothers Grimm. It is a scary story that attempts to frighten the reader, but in spite of the adventures the protagonist has to pass through, it has a happy ending, which is not very common in such a kind of literature.
The tale talks about the story of the youth who went forth to learn what fear was. In fact, he wanted to know what shudder was.
The youth kills a sexton accidentally by throwing him down the steps and the youth’s father, obviusly ashamed, throws him out from home.
the father gives the boy fifty dollars, by which we can realise that the story takes place in the United States of America.
The youth is challenged by the king to spend three nights in a haunted castle, and the reward is to marry the princess.
So the youth manages to spend three nights in the castle.
The first night, a band of cats and dogs appear, the second one the ghouls play nine pins, and the last night, six men appear carrying a coffin, which contains a dead man: the youth’s cousin, who had died recently.
Finally, the youth marries the princess, so it has a happy ending, but he still do not know what shudder is, and his wife makes him know what really shudder is.
The space represented in this story is: the youth’s house, the church (where the sexton dies), the road (where the roapmaker appear) and the castle.
There are many characters who want to take profit from the youth, as he has got fifty dollars and he promises to give them to anyone who teaches him what shudder is.
The boy repeats continually this refrain: “If I could but shudder…”.
In my conclusion, I have explained my experience about hypertexts.

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