Subject :# 14217 Poesia Inglesa desde el siglo XVIII Grupo A

Student´s name: Trigueros Sifre, Gonzalo

Title of the paper: Death, An Eternal Dream

Author or topic: John Keats


Abstract: My work is focused on John Keats ( 31th October 1795-1821), one of the greatest Romantic poets, and how the Death of the people he loved influenced his poems. In my introduction I explain what the topic I have chosen is about.John Keats’s life went paralel to Romanticism, as it began with the French Revolution and they both finished at the same time . His literary career was brief, just three and a half years (July 1816-late 1819) because he died very young, at the age of 25. He wrote 150 poems and published three books: Poems (1817), Endimyon (1818) and Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St.Agnes and Other Poems (1820). John Keats met many contemporary authors who also became his friends, such as Leigh Hunt, Shelley, but his closest friend was Charles Armitage Brown, who was his biographer after John Keats’s death.

In the conclusion I explain the difficulties I found and my personal point of view.

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Academic year 2010/2011

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